This is a relaxed, social group that gets together to enjoy some conversation about the latest book and a libation at Craft + Cork. We’ll pick a book each month and have discussion questions to begin each meeting if we need them. We’ll have coffee on hand for anyone who’s into the java or partake in one of our libations! We have Mashcraft and Taxman on tap, bottled brews and wine, or soda and tea. Don’t forget, we always have chips and salsa on hand, compliments of Craft + Cork. You can join Beyond the Book here.

Class Info

You know that feeling…you finish a book, and you just HAVE to talk about it with someone. You could hide out by the water cooler, waiting to ambush your co-workers and hoping they read it OR you could just come to our book club and get your monthly dose of literary discussion and wine with a bunch of other cool people! Craft + Cork's book club can be as fun, or serious, or quirky as you want them to be. Psssttt, book clubs are really just a place to gather with other book nerds and talk about books. While eating Jack’s pizza. What's not to love about that!?!

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